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Hello and Welcome I am a qualified Integrative Therapeutic Counsellor and an accredited Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) practitioner specialising in

EFT Matrix Re-imprinting, Picture Tapping and Meditation.

I work with anyone who is suffering from stress, anxiety, trauma, depression, fear, panic attacks , Low self esteem, weight issues and many other emotional difficulties.

My focus is to help individuals heal, energise, and become aware of their inner strengths.


I achieve this by providing a confidential safe space, listening to your concerns, and customising a personal treatment plan. 

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EFT, also known as Tapping, is a talking therapy that helps to reduce the intensity of unresolved trauma, and negative feelings that can result in emotional and physical distress. By tapping on the end meridian points, like in acupuncture but without needles to release the negative emotions, this will aid the recovery to well being. EFT is known to reduce cortisone levels as tests and research on this has been verified by Dr Peta Stapleton.  

Each of the nine tapping points corresponds to a specific meridian point that influences an emotional and physical release blockages reducing symptoms of distress.

Tapping Points ;

Top of the head - Helps promote calm and clarity

Beginning of Eyebrow- Affects the bladder meridian helps alleviate worry and sadness

Side of eyes- Gallbladder meridian reduces anger and frustration

Under the eyes-Stomach meridian helps with anxiety & fear

under nose-helps to influence feelings of self-compassion & emotional balance

chin- central meridian aids clarity & personal insights

collar bone- kidney meridian helps to relieve stress & fear

under the arm- spleen meridian alleviates feelings of guilt & worry

Top of the head-completes the cycle the meeting of all points promoting a sense of balance & peace

EFT helps to work through difficult emotions, to find the root cause of trauma, core issues and limiting beliefs to bring about emotional well being in a confidential, non-judgmental trusting and safe space. Each session is tailored to your needs we work at your pace and approach the healing process from your own perspective. 

It is effective for:


Inner child work

Panic and anxiety

Stress - can trigger the body's fight-or-flight response, EFT helps to calm the nervous system by sending calming messages to the amygdala 

chronic stress can cause health effects on your mood,immune and digestive and cardiovascular health

Fear and phobias




Dealing with a cancer diagnosis

Traumatic birth experiences

Feeling overwhelmed

Loss and Grief

Grief can interrupt your sense of normality using EFT to help process your emotions can be beneficial for the mind,body and soul

Although tapping is great tool for self care when working on the above issues it is best to work with a trained practitioner

Matrix Re-imprinting

Matrix Re-imprinting is a personal development technique that dramatically improves health and wellbeing by allowing you to access and transform painful memories that may be holding you trapped in the past and used as part of EFT.

Picture Tapping

Picture Taping (PTT) is a gentle technique that uses art and energy psychology . You don't need to be good at art. PTT can be fun and enjoyable . No need to talk endlessly or re-live traumatic events. I use what you have drawn from the subconscious mind whilst tapping on the meridian points. This technique is great for children and adults.


Reflexology as a complimentary, holistic treatment. It helps the body restore its own natural balance. Reflexology is based on the theory that the different reflex points on the hands and feet correspond to organs and systems of the whole body . While I work on these reflective areas by applying gentle pressure to release blockages on your feet the body starts to relax and bring about its own well-being.

Reflexology doesn’t diagnose, claim to cure or prescribe, each treatment is unique to each person and is tailored to your needs.

Reflexology will make you feel relaxed and calm, allowing the body to find its own natural balance and potential for well-being.

Each treatment lasts an hour and is a good tonic for your well being and beneficial for the following conditions


Low energy

Stress and anxiety

Digestive disorders

Menstrual problems

Polycystic ovaries


Menopausal problems

Respiratory problems

Back/neck/shoulder pain

Post pregnancy health

Stuck Grief and coping with your loss - taking care of your mind and body is essential when grieving


Please note reflexology should not be used as an alternative to seeking medical advice.

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I am not a Health Professional and I cannot give medical advice, nor can EFT replace medical advice and care. The techniques and processes presented on this website are for your information only, they are not a substitute for appropriate professional medical, or mental health, advice and care. Results cannot be guaranteed

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Rock in Sand

This has been the first opportunity I've had to thank you for the amazing session.  I think it's a fantastic therapy. 

Thank you again, I really do believe having the E.F.T is going to be life changing for me xx

I attended a session with a small intimate group which worked really well.

We all found Sam fascinating, informative & was a good intro to relax everyone.

I felt a strong sense of unity & support during the session, it was empowering & uplifting & felt much more relaxed & calm afterwards - my anxiety has improved since & I use the tools learned - I really loved it & cannot wait for the next one!


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